Viral Upcycle

If you’re finding this, instead of an awesome upcycled tutorial…..

I really hate you wasted your time.  Viral Upcycle had to be put down (sniffle).  A lot of hard work and time was invested into Viral Upcycle, but still never a penny of return.  Although it was never about making money, it was costing too much to keep up the free tutorials.

Sorry for that, however, hundreds of pictures are floating around out there, so I hope that will be enough to give you some inspiration to upcycle.  It has been a joyful and helpful part of my life and I still managed to publish two books while curating Viral Upcycle.

If for some reason this moment turned into giving instead of receiving, I would love for you to check them out.


Create Again is a new venture for me, so please check back from time to time to see what’s new!

Thank you!!!