Painting Furniture


For an updated look, painted furniture will bring a fun element into a room.


Because painting furniture is not just slapping a coat of paint on, when you choose to have your piece painted, typically all of the services listed below will be needed to last:


  • Must be cleaned with a TSP
  • Sand / Strip / and/or Prime
  • Paint in your color of choice
    • Combination of hand pant or a paint sprayer
    • Styles range from clean and even to highly distressed or chippy
    • May take as many as five coats
  • Sand between coats to smooth and even out entire piece
  • Finish of choice:  Polycrylic or Wax (flat, satin, or gloss)


* Cost will be based on size and intricacy of piece.

* Add fine art to your furniture such as a painted flower.

*Brand of paint or finish is optional and will be an additional cost.



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