Discovering Creativity for any Ability

Is the last art project you’ve created have your first grade class scribbled on the back?  Well, it’s time to get back into the wonderful world of art.

Art can have so many depths, so it makes it appropriate for any level of ability.  Art therapy is a real career field out there.  It’s an active highly desired form of therapy, because it works. Check out American Art Therapy Association for an in depth learning experience.

Starting small is the key to discover your creativity.  Smaller painting or crafts are ideal.  You will begin the use dexterity and develop fine motor control.  Eventually you can progress to bigger projects, like painting furniture, which requires larger muscle or gross motor skills.

Looking beyond the odd text  book terms, if you’re feeling agitated, and needing a little soul uplifting, there’s nothing like being creative to make you feel useful, relieved and sometimes down right euphoric.

Want an easy way to discover your creativity?

Just start!  Really, it doesn’t matter what the final product is.  Put that in the back of your mind.  Pull out some recyclables from your garbage and use a dollar bottle of craft paint, and go to town.  It may sound trivial, but it’s a start!

discover your creativitiy

If that’s not enough, see for yourself what a few others have to say:

Oprah has a short 6 step process that can help you get started being creative.

I love post showing other people’s quotes and just what their creativity perspective is.

Find your creative outlet from Omega, and even check out Creative Art Works.

And it never hurts investing in a book if your feeling really lost. Here’s a few books worth taking a look at:

It doesn’t matter your disability, or level of ability, just start and keep at it, and you will discover your creativity!


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